Drawings and tracings of Difference Engine No. 2.

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The Babbage Papers
Babbage, Charles

This series comprises 17 tracings of the original design drawings in Series A for Difference Engine No. 2.

However tracings BAB B/18 and BAB B/19 refer to both the Analytical and Difference Engines. The relevant original design drawings and tracings are cross referenced to each other on both drawing and tracing. Some of the tracings were made from the original drawings to show more clearly certain aspects of the machine by eliminating overlaid detail.

The drawings were not dated, but probable dates have been indicated in the date fields, to reflect the period of time when the original drawings were made.


17 drawings
System of Arrangement:
The series is arranged alpha-numerically in date order. The drawings were originally numbered amongst the drawings of the Analytical Engine, Series A, but the tracings in Series B were subsequently separately renumbered by Babbage. Descriptions and numberings of the tracings, as indicated by Babbage, were transcribed directly from the drawings for the purposes of this retro conversion input into the electronic catalogue. There are gaps in the series numbering, where numbers have not been used.

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