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The Babbage Papers
Babbage, Charles

This set of 19 drawings concern a 'Universal Machine Tool' developed by Babbage in 1857 - 1858.

Babbage was interested in the design of machine tools used to construct his engines. There are numerous sketches relating to machine tools and tooling in his note books and in a number of drawings. The great adaptability of the 'Universal Machine Tool' indicates it was perhaps designed more for the gentleman amateur rather than as a rigid production tool.


19 drawings
System of Arrangement:
The series is arranged alpha-numerically in date order. These drawings were originally numbered by Babbage with the prefix T to indicate tools. Bromley re-numbered the series with the prefix E T, the E indicating the group into which the drawings were organised in alphabetical sequence. However, in order to accommodate the number sequencing of the cataloguing software, and to be consistent, the decision was made to use the prefix E followed by stroke numbers, for example E/1, E/2, etc.

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