The Hacienda

Mixed batch of invoices relating to the Hacienda and Dry Bars. Includes those related to travel, maintenance, utilities, products and services, PAYE and insurance, design services, advertising, security, food and alcohol, legal demand for payment, admission price lists, hotels, and wage slips and employment details for other staff. A fold out poster featuring the plans and details: the Dry Bar. Flip total of debts and expenditure from Hacienda bar; car rental, merchandise in stock, wines,

Christmas invoices from DJs, Draft Report and Accounts 1989, Dry Bar Income and Expenditure Report relating to acquisition of a property, 1990; staff procedures for gig nights, manager’s invoices for wages. Attached is an envelope with Data Protection documents. Invoices relating to refreshments for Blur and their crew; re: merchandise, travel, utilities, and performance services for birthday event, licensing and advertising; Rent Statements for 11/13 Whitworth Street West 1990; letter from

staff about unpaid wages; notes about club nights and staff costs; employee tax code notification.