'1 Lang Committee' File of correspondence, memos, notes and reports relating to Ferranti Ltds dealings with, and evidence presented to, the Lang Inquiry into the Pricing of Ministry of Aviation contracts, Mar - Aug 1964.

Ferranti Ltd

Bloodhound Inquiry and related papers: 2/3/265-339

Shortly after the Second World War, Ferranti Ltd and Bristol Aircraft Company were contracted to develop a Surface to Air Guided Weapon (SAGW) system, which later became known as Bloodhound. The contract for the system, signed with the Ministry of Aviation, was a fixed price contract that had a built in profit level of between 7%-15%.

In the early 1960s it was revealed by the Government Audit Office that Ferranti Ltd had in fact made a far larger profit than had been agreed, estimated at around 82%. This was regarded as excessive, and as a result both the Ministry of Aviation and Ferranti Ltd were called to give evidence before the Public Accounts Committee. At the sametime a Public Inquiry, under John Lange, was set up to investigate the use of fixed price contracts by the Ministry of Aviation, with particular reference to

the Bloodhound contract.

The following series of records relate to Ferranti's reaction and response to being called before the Public Accounts Committee and the Lang Inquiry, and a later internal inquiry by Sir Richard Way. The series of records include files of correspondence, accounts, etc relating to evidence presented to all three inquiries and Ferranti's dealings with the Government concerning the Bloodhound contract, as well as the public response to the whole affair.

The following series of files retained by the Lega Department bear an organizational number and sometimes a title, this number order has been retained.

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