'General Advertisements' File of general advertisements promoting the Ferranti company as a whole, 1953-1960.

Ferranti Group of Companies

Advertisement Guard Books Ref: 1996.10/3/2/28-220

The following series is made up from Advertisement Guard Books and files and are simply "scrap books" into which copies of magazine and newspaper adverts placed by Ferranti Ltd have been pasted on to card backings and kept by the Publicity Department. Files relate to a particular division or department and the adverts are usually stored chronologically.

Ref 1996.10/3/2/64-220

In the late 1970s the Publicity Department began to reorganise its method of advertisement production. Each division within the company was assigned its own reference code number which subsequently appreared on all adverts for that division. At the same time the Publicity Department also began to keep Guard Books, into which copies of Ferranti Ltd advertisements were pasted, grouped together by this new reference code.


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