Series of leaflets the Personal Computers produced by Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd Cheadle Heath Division, 1985-1986.

Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd - Cheadle Heath Division

Catalogues Ref:1996.10/3/2/2009-3403

Throughout it's life Ferranti Ltd produced catalogues, leaflets and brochures promoting it's products. Prior to the beginning of the Second World war Ferranti Ltd produced a series of general and descriptive catalogues outlining the products, these general catalogues seem to have been as much aids to the Ferranti salesmen and agents as they were general catalogues aimed at the public. After the end of the second World war each division became responsible for producing, through the Strategic

Services Department, it's own leaflets and brochures, promoting the products of that department. Occasionally these leaflets and brochures were brought together to form a more general divisional catalogue. Where ever possible original order has been retained.


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