Collection of trade literature for Nettle Accessories Ltd of Stockport and related companies.

Nettle Accessories Ltd
Victor H. Iddon Ltd
Delta Electrical Accessories Ltd
Delta Accessories and Domestic Switchgear Ltd

1 box of records, including trade literature, accounts and catalogues.

Nettle Accessories was incorporated in 1922 as Victor H. Iddon Ltd. Originally based in Stockport, the company had factories in Manchester and Wythenshawe and later moved its headquarters to Chadderton. The company was acquired by Aerialite Ltd in 1947, and the name was changed to Nettle Accessories Ltd in c1950. In 1973, it was acquired by Delta, which changed to Delta Electrical Accessories in 1980. Delta also owned switchgear manufacturer Midland Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd, and the two

parts of the business were combined in c.1982 to form Delta Accessories and Domestic Switchgear Ltd. D.R. Illuminations Ltd were manufacturers of outdoor lighting, originally part of Nettle Accessories, and later absorbed into Delta.

The collection is divided into 7 series, to reflect changes to company names and ownership.

1. Victor H. Iddon Ltd.

2. Nettle Accessories Ltd under the ownership of Aerialite

3. Nettle Accessories Ltd under the ownership of Delta

4. Delta Electrial Accessories Ltd.

5. Delta Accessories and Electrical Switchgear Ltd.

6. Midland Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd

7. D.R. lluminations Ltd.


Electrical Industry, Electrical Apparatus Industry