Workshop Records


Records are all from the 20th century, and are records of day to day administrative records that were used heavily and in dirty conditions. Records often concern staff and appear to be records that were kept personally by individual staff members. The ‘In and out books’ have been decorated by workshop staff.

WOLV 5/1 Volume entitled ‘Staff Particulars’ (1903-1954)

WOLV 5/2 Extract from Foreman’s Association Publication (1910’s-1930’s)

WOLV 5/3 Bound records relating to staff probably originating from shop 58 (1936-1969)

WOLV 5/4 Staff Time Books (1940-1983)

WOLV 5/5 Hands in shop/allocation of staff volumes (1942-1969)

WOLV 5/6 Works Orders Volume (1946-1951)

WOLV 5/7 Register containing details of staff, probably from Paint Shop (1953-1965)

WOLV 5/8 ‘In and Out Books’ (1955-1971)

WOLV 5/9 Vehicles Received in Works (1962-1963)

WOLV 5/10 Catalogue Number Indexes

WOLV 5/11 Volume entitled ‘Gangs’


Ten standard archive boxes
System of Arrangement: