Documents related to development of the ZEUS Central Tracking Detector.


These papers are the associated technical documents for the development of the Central Tracking Detector (CTD) for the ZEUS experiment Germany’s DESY accelerator. They include lab notebooks; project reports; photographs; engineering drawings; technical proposals; technical reports and project videos. In addition to scientific and technical papers, the archive includes papers relating to project budgets and the transport of equipment between England and Germany.

The papers provide essential contextual information about the CTD (2009-3) and its prototype, CENTAUR (2010-55) which have been acquired by the Science Museum as part of the Modern Physics active collecting project. The CTD was designed and built by a consortium of several UK institutes, including Oxford University, Imperial, UCL, Bristol, RAL and Glasgow. It sat at the heart of the ZEUS detector, with the wider experiment involving 450 physicists and engineers from institutes around the world. ZEUS was run on the Hadron-Electron Ring Accelerator (HERA) at DESY in Hamburg. Techniques developed for the CTD are now used in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.