Letter relating to affidavits supporting Harvey's role as a manager

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Letters from Henry Harvey to Richard and Jane Trevithick
Harvey, Henry

Harvey has received an affidavit from Mr Geddy in addition to 19 other named affidavits in favour of his appointment. Mr Blewett has only two affidavits. Harvey asks Trevithick to call on Davey to ask for an affidavit in his favour. He considers himself a more proper person due to the proximity of his foundry and because of a number of other objections to Reynold's appointment.

Harvey also describes the profits to be made by Mr Fox and Mr Williams in relation to the Plymouth Breakwater. A 1/2d profit per ton for Trevithick would provide a total profit in excess of £4000 but Trevithick is warned not to give away anything to Fox and Williams until a bargain is reached. Harvey declines taking on a share in Nanterrow or any other new concern and recommends Trevithick to do likewise.