Footage of cubs and scouts in the Peak District and permanent way work near Chesterfield

Elliott, Kenneth

The film starts with a sequence likely to be shot in Chesterfield, showing scout cubs eating while sitting on the side of a countryside road. Then, the scouts are filmed in a public railway event, next to the model of Rocket.

The next sequence shows men and scouts by Elden hole and Longshaw estate in the Peak district. They are then filmed at their camp, washing their dishes and clothes. Different shots show a couple of men tracking in the countryside, carrying ropes, they also passes a village. Quick shots show three younger scouts with yellow shirts on, walking on a footpath in a forest, then sitting and standing on a tree trunk bridging a forest river. Various landscapes shots alternate with shots showing boy scouts and men supervisors.

A sequence shows few men working on a roof and joking around, laughing. A shot shows a single man walking on a footpath and a small dog coming to greet him.

This is followed by a panorama shot of a town and another shot showing a man then a woman walking down a green field.

The final sequence shows men working on the permanent way. Some close-up shots show workers using specific tools. LNER locomotive No.8990 is also filmed passing by workers. This is possibly set in Chesterfield area.

The title on the digital file is: “Cubs, Chesterfield, Scouts, Longshaw rovers, Eldon Hole, Joan & Ken Railway, 1948”

Note about the image quality: 8 mm amateur film. Some shots very bright and some are slightly too dark. Some are slightly out of focus. Presence of heavy dust and scratches all along the film.


2 mins 40 seconds digital copy of colour 8 mm reel (25 feet)
Railways, Locomotives, Holidays, Scouting, Films
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