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The box contains 5 Associated Electrical Industries photo albums:

Album - Pantograph Photographs of a variety of pantograph designs for many different Rail applications.

Album no. 57 - Nigerian Railways G.O.61251 photographs of the Class 1400, site report on locomotives 1411 Serious Diesel Engine incident (Site engineer Harry Ross and internal and external photographs of the engine compartment of locomotive 1412.

Album no. 58 - British Railways type 2 diesel electric locomotive equipment photographs including AEI 15656 10 Pole version of the main generator, Davies & Metcalfe compressor, traction motor blower, Reavell exhauster and internal view of the locomotive.

Album no. 60 - G.O.61278 Commonwealth Railways containing photographs of Commonwealth Tulloch 1400hp diesel electric mechanical parts.

Album no. 62 - New Zealand Railways QXB.19229 containing photographs of Leyland engine wear and damage in service.


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