Patent document to Frederick Henry Smith for patent no. 4208 and patent specifications for no. 3421, no. 4208 and no. 1048

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Patent documents relating to Frederick Henry Smith and Ernest Harmer Smith

Document for patent number 4208 - for "Improvements in apparatus for feeding liquids known as bird fountain feeders applicable for feeding oil to lamps and for other similar purposes" dated 2nd April 1885.

Patent specifications encased in brown paper:

No. 1048 - "Improvements in means and appliances for supplying fresh air to fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, rooms, kilns, mines and other enclosed spaces" dated 24th January 1885

No. 4208 - (as above), plus an acceptance letter

No. 3421 - "Improvements in Lamps" - dated 30th August 1876


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