Cartiere Miliani Fabriano

The Fabriano paper mill dates back to 1264. The Fabriano mill’s fine arts papers were used and highly praised by Michelangelo. Fabrianese paper masters pioneered many of the processes now common in paper manufacture today, including the watermark and the technique of surface sizing using animal gelatin.

Cartiere Miliani was founded in 1782 by Pietro Miliani. After the decline of the 1600s and 1700s, the new company attained a leadership position in the industry in a short space of time. Pietro's nephew, Giuseppe Miliani, successfully transformed the business into a major industrial complex and returned Fabriano to its privileged status on the international markets.

In around 1850-1880 Cartiere Miliani merged with the other paper mills of the area to become Messrs. Cartiere Miliani. This enabled them to gain important orders by national and foreign Credit Institutes and Central Banks, particularly due to the company’s unsurpassable skill in security paper production.

In 1928, a majority share was sold to Portals of London. In the 1930s, the Miliani family left the company management and on 15th October 1931, to nationalise the factory, a consortium was set-up consisting of public bodies. On 9th April 1947, at an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, the company name was changed to ‘Cartiere Miliani Fabriano’.

On 21st March 2002, Fabriano joined the Fedrigoni Group of Verona.