Elliott Brothers (London) Ltd

Elliott Brother (London) Ltd. has its origins with William Elliott who established a business in Tash Street, Gray's Inn as a maker of drawing instruments (after serving an apprenticeship). By 1807 he had moved to a shop and workshop in High Holborn, and by 1816 he was manufacturing such items as telescopes and barometers. In 1830 he moved to 56, Strand and took his sons, Frederick Henry Elliott and Charles Alfred Elliott, into partnership. The company began to manufacture instruments for surveying, for railways (e.g. steam pressure indicators) and scientific instruments of all kinds.

William Elliott died in 1853 and his sons continued the business as Elliott Bros. In 1865 Charles Elliott retired and he died in 1877. Frederick continued to run the business as sole proprietor and on his death in 1873 he left the business to his wife Susan. In the second half of the 19th century the company began manufacturing electrical instruments, and in 1893 they amalgamated with Theiler & Co, telegraph and instrument makers. In 1900 the company moved to new premises: Century Works, Connington Road, Lewisham. They began making speedometers, and instruments for ships and aircraft. The company became Elliott Brothers (London) Ltd. in 1917.

In 1947 the company merged with the weighing machine manufacturers B and P Swift. In 1953 an Aviation Division was formed at Borehamwood; this formed the basis for Elliott Aviation. The company began to manufacture computers and flight automation equipment (made at Rochester). The following year in 1954 Elliott Brothers acquired Bristol's Instrument Co. to strengthen its process control activities.

In 1967 the company was taken over by English Electric Co. and in 1968 G.E.C took over English Electric Co.