Standard Telephones and Cables Limited 1925 - 2000

active 1925-2000, cathode ray tube and valve manufacturer, England, British

Western Electric in the USA opens in May 1883 a small office and store in London. In September 1925 the International Western Electric Company was bought by the "International Telephone and Telegraph Company (ITT) and since then this undertaking in Great Britain which has grown substantially is named "Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd." (STC).

STC uses first the brand name STANDARD for their valves. In 1932 to 1933 the valves are called MICROMESH and from 1934 on BRIMAR. The manufacturing plant was at Footscray in Kent. The Brimar valve and cathode-ray tube division was sold to Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd. in 1960. For more details see the book "History of the British Radio Valve to 1940 (page 4) by Keith R. Thrower, 1992 [570].