Pye TVT Ltd

Pye TVT Ltd was a subsidiary of the Pye Group Ltd which specialised in communications and broadcasting technology. The Pye Group was a world-wide electronics organisation which made and marketed scientific instruments, communications equipment, radio and television transmitters and receivers, medical equipment, electronic components, electrical equipment and domestic appliances of every kind. The company catered for a variety of sectors including military, industrial and government-based clients. The group was founded by William George Pye in 1896 and operated under various names (under Pye Group, Philips Ltd, EKCO and Cambridge Electronics Industries) throughout the 20th century.

Pye TVT Ltd was established in 1946 as “Department 24” at the Pye Group’s Cambridge factory site on Haig Road. The company was set up to develop and manufacture sound and television broadcasting equipment and systems for a global audience. Their product range included equipment for complete broadcasting studios, transmitting stations and outside broadcast vehicles. Closed circuit television equipment was also produced with a range of specialised products for nuclear CCTV applications. A full range of professional tape recorders was also marketed for sound and television broadcast studios and multi-channel requirements of airports.

In 1958 Pye TVT Ltd moved its manufacturing functions to a site on York Street in Cambridge, with its labs remaining at the original Haig Road site. In 1960 Pye Ltd established Pye TVT Ltd as a brand. In 1961 the CCTV development and manufacturing arm of the company was transferred to PTD, with sales handled by PBS. The nuclear energy parts of the business remained at Pye TVT Ltd. In 1963 manufacturing and development moved again to the Pye Woodcraft Products site at Coldhams Lane Cambridge.

In 1970 Philips transferred their transmitter business from Hilversum and PTAB (VHF Transmitters) to TVT. Also the Philips studio activity at Weybridge was moved to TVT. In 1971 Philips intergrated Pye TVT Ltd into their broadcast activity. Pye TVT became the Broadcast Centre for Philips with plants in Breda (Holland) Montvale (USA) and Cambridge.

In 1986 the Studio Division of Pye TVT Ltd was closed down by Philips, with its other business activity centred in Germany and Holland. In 1987 the company was sold by Philips to Varian Associates in California, where it continued under the name Varian TVT. In 1991 Varian TVT was sold to Harris Allied in Florida, where it was assimilated into Harris Broadcast. This company later moved to Huntingdon, and ceased trading several years later.