The Platinotype Company

William Willis patented the platinotype, photochemical printing process in 1873. After some improvements to the process he applied for a second patent in 1878. In 1879, he founded the The Platinotype Company in London as a means of promoting the new photographic process he had patented, as well as manufacturing and selling various supplied related to the process.

In 1880, he applied for a third patent for the process and the first commercial platinotype papers were offered for sale in 1880. The process was widely used from the 1880s until the beginning of the First World War. Because the process used platinum, it was a very expensive paper to produce and the government declared platinum a strategic metal and banned it’s use in the photographic process.

Willis developed a new process in 1916, the palladiotype process, production of commercial platinotype paper stopped in the late 1940s