Sir W. H. Bailey & Co. Ltd

John Bailey had been conducting business as John Bailey & Co since 1863 the business premises were situated at Albion Works in Salford. His son William took over the running of the business in 1865 and began to manufacture steam related machinery and equipment. The company continued to expand and manufactured a large number of items including valves, gauges, lifts, hoists, steam pumps, injectors and boiler fittings.

In 1885 a new works opened at Hall Bank, Patricroft. On the 31st October 1889 an agreement was drawn up to to carry on a business as Hydraulic Engineers, Brassfounders, Machinists and manufacturers and merchants of all kinds of tools, plant, instruments as a private company. W. H. Bailey & Co Ltd.

On the death of W H Bailey, knighted in 1894, the name of the company was changed to Sir W. H. Bailey & Company Limited on the 31st March 1913. The company continued to be run by the Bailey family as late as the 1960s. In 1966 it became a subsidiary of Yorkshire Imperial Metals and after further mergers and acquisitions the company’s name changed to IMI Bailey Valves Limited in August 1978.

After some more changes in ownership and name, in 2015 the company became part of Pentair Manufacturing UK Limited.