Chadderton Power Station

In 1943, Oldham Council carried out an investigation into the anticipated future demand for electricity. A detailed survey of the site concluded that the already operating Slack's Valley power station site was suitable for further developing. Consent for the first section was granted in January 1950 and in September of that year for the second section. The station with an ultimate capacity of 240,000 kilowatts was located in the Urban District of Chadderton and occupied an area of 95 acres.

Instructions for the development of the site were given in 1947 by the Central Electricity Board to Oldham Corporation. In 1948 the consultants Messrs Kennedy & Donkin were retained and the associated consultants for the civil engineering were Messrs Mouchel & Partners Ltd.

Chadderton B Power Station was opened on 8th July 1955. Slack’s Valley continued to operate as a Low Pressure station and was known as Chadderton A. Because of the Nationalisation of the National Grid, in 1982 the site became redundant and Chadderton B was demolished in 1986. Chadderton A had already been demolished earlier in 1975.

The site is now Oldham Broadway Business Park.