Joseph Lister 1827 - 1912

English; British
born in:
West Ham, Newham, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1844 - entered University College, London. 1853 - visited Edinburgh to witness the surgical practice of James Syme. 1856 - became assistant surgeon to the Royal Infirmary. 1857 - read before the Royal Society a paper in which he made detailed observations on blood clotting. 1860 - appointed to the chair of surgery at Glasgow University. 1869 - appointed professor of clinical surgery at Edinburgh. 1867 - published papers in The Lancet which announced his system of antiseptic surgery. 1877 - succeeded Sir William Fergusson as professor of surgery at King's College, London. 1895 - elected president of the Royal Society. 1883 - baronetcy conferred on him. 1897 - raised to the peerage as Baron Lister of Lyme Regis. 1907 - received the freedom of the City of London.

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