Professor Derek Burke archive of genetically modified foods and crop research and industry

Burke, Derek

Comprises 13 video tapes of media interviews about organic and genetically modified foods and crops, c. 1996-2003; 7 audio tapes of broadcasts, debates and lectures, c. 1955-2000; an unknown quantity of audio tapes of radio broadcasts of 'Farming Today', 1997-2000; 4 volumes of press cuttings concerning the Nuffield Council on Bioethics Working Party on Genetically Modified Crops: the ethical and social issues, February 1998-June 1999; set of papers dealing with the work of the Advisory Committee for Novel Foods and Processes, 1989-1997, 32 file boxes, Professor Burke was chairman of the advisory committee; Miscellaneous reports and records of meetings, for example GM Reviews and press cuttings; The Strategy Unit; World Bank; conferences and forums, 1994-2006.


53 box files

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