Letters patent granted to Stephen Thomas Wentworth for 'Improvements in burners for consuming gas and air combined', plus ephemeral material


Science Museum Group Collection
out of copyright

Patent number 1673, issued by Queen Victoria, address of Wentworth, gas fitter, given as Queen Street, Cheapside. The wax seal is in a round tin attached to the letters patent.

The ephemera material includes: an ms. description of his invention (2p.); a certificate for the patent (1p.); a folding business card of 'S. T. Wentworth, Gas Fitter, Sun Burner Maker, and manufacturer of every description of Ventilating and Warming Apparatus etc.' bearing lists of all his prices; a Tongue & Birkbeck business card; a printed advertisement for 'Wentworth's improved patent floating water heater' (1p.) and a letter to Wentworth from Tongue & Birkbeck regarding £14 (1p.).

All housed in a wooden leather box of Tongue & Birkbeck, patent agents, inscribed 'S. T. Wentworth No. 1673. 3. June, 1872'