Journal of the British Interplanetary Society Vol 17, No 8

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Collection of papers relating to the Research and Development of a Full Pressure Suit
British Interplanetary Society
Still, E.W

A copy of the journal containing a single paper titled 'High Altitude Chambers and Pressure Suits and their Part in Manned Flight to the Moon'. This discusses the required environmental systems to carry man to the moon and back by reviewing current and projected man-bearing vehicles to estimate parameters such as size of cabin, number of crew, duration of flight and possible heat loads, as the basis for requirements to sustain life in a small earth-to-orbit vehicle, a large space station, and a lunar suit. Direct references are made to projects including the Manhigh II, Project Mercury, Blue Streak/Black Knight, Dyna-Soar, N.A.S.A Nova, Atlas Manned Space Station Outpost and the Lockhead Space Station.


Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautics, Airline Industry
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