Envelope of AVRO promotional postcards

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A. V. Roe & Co. Ltd

18 items: Pattented 1906 / The AVRO Plane; Flight Pioneers; The 35 H.P. “AVRO” Biplane, a halt at Hayward’s Heath (3 copies); Extract from Flight 5th July 1913, The “Avro” Safety Belt; The “AVRO” quick-release safety belt; A.V. Roe & Co, The Aviator’s Storehouse; The 35 H.P. “AVRO” Biplane, winning the endurance price at Weybridge (2 copies); The “AVRO” biplane, flying over Windermere; The “AVRO” biplane 1912 model; 100 H.P. “AVRO” waterplane; Mr A.V. Roe on Triplane; The “Avro” Plane (triplane from rear) (4 copies); Lieutenant Parke and the 60 H.P. “Avro” biplane; A.V. Roe, The first Britisher to fly in Britain; The “Avro” Plane (triplane from side) (4 copies); The 35 H.P. “AVRO” biplane, the start for the race to Brighton and back; The “AVRO” biplane, the first British aquaplane to fly from water; “AVRO” Tractor 1913-1914 Type


18 items
Civil Aviation, Aeronautics, Advertising Cards.
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