What’s in the Science Museum Group collection?

The Science Museum Group cares for a diverse and internationally significant collection of 7.3 million items from science, technology, engineering, medicine, transport and media.

More about our collection and how we care for it

What material is published online?

On the Science Museum Group collection website, you can find material published from our object and archival collections.

We have over 250,000 objects and 29,000 archival documents published online.

Over the next 5 years, we are undergoing an ambitious project to move to a new National Collections Centre.

We also have separate websites to browse:

How to use the website?

The Science Museum Group collection website enables you to search and browse material published online.

Searching and filtering

You can search the collection for:

Searching and filtering

You can filter the collection by:

  • Category
  • Date
  • Maker

Objects on display

Where an object is on display in one of our five museums, you will see its location highlighted on the page

We regularly update objects on display.

If you are planning a visit to see a specific object, please contact us in advance to make sure that it will be on display.

Collection data and API

All our collection data and images, where possible, are made avaliable under a Creative Commons licence and can be accessed via our Collection API.

External catalogues